Q1: How can we extinguish the flame ?

A1: Blow on the flame or waving the hand, you can quietly extinguish the flame. Do not pour water damaging rainbow candle.

Q2: The flame is a little dark at the beginning. Why ?

A2: Because the temperature is still low at the beginning. Rainbow Candle burns in all its brilliance when the temperature is high.

Q3: Can I use the Rainbow Candle several times, until the kernel is completely consumed ?

A3: When you started to use a kernel, we recommend that you finish it. As the core of the Rainbow Candle well absorbs moisture, if you want to use several times, we must put the candle away from moisture.

Q4: How many minutes lasts the Rainbow Candle burning ?

A4: There are 3 types of Rainbow Candle: 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Q5: Does several fuel tablets to the candle Burns long ?

A5: Requires 1 tablet of fuel pout 15 minutes, 3 for 30 minutes and 5 for 60 minutes.

Rainbow Candle 15min
Rainbow Candle 15min
Rainbow Candle 30min
Rainbow Candle 30min

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