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It was only after many attempts that the colours of the Rainbow of the "Rainbow Candle" have been achieved.
"Rainbow Candle": the first candle in the world that the flame burns in the colours of the Rainbow was invented in the Japan.

- Why is "Rainbow Candle" burning in the colours of Rainbow?

Rainbow Candle 15 minutes the flame in the colors of the Rainbow: "Rainbow Candle" burns with a reaction colored his flame.


The  colour of the flame reaction means that when you put metal in the flame, its color turns according to the particularhue of each metal.
When copper(green), (red)lithium, kalium(purple) and (yellow)sodium burn in evaporated, the irspecificsubstances define the color. 
Purple,red,yellow, and the Greens are the main colours, but on cetheintermediate colors are mixed, the human eye perceives a rainbow.
The fact that the metal burns in showing its color iss ome thing that scientists know for a long time. 
But until now it was impossible that a flame in the colors of the rainbow can burn long without interruption. 
Now, after numerous attempts, we managed to do so.

- Why the flame continues to burn so beautifully?

When we bulerons only fuel tablets, they end up burning all at once immediately and it is impossible to maintain that the flame continues to burn longer.

The secret of the candle in the colours of the Rainbow is "ring of combustion control" (Patent No:4099014).

We can adjust the size of the flame with the size and width of "ring of control of combustion.

Fixed direction combustion and combustion at a constant speed have been made possible by installing.


Rainbow Candle 60, 30, 15, 5 and 4 minutes

* There are 5 types of duration: 60, 30, 15, 5 and 4 minutes.

- Awards received:


Best memory of Ishikawa prefecture
Certification by the Ishikawa prefecture

The new product; bronze award
Award of excellence from Ishikawa prefecture

Rainbow Candle 15min
Rainbow Candle 15min
Rainbow Candle 30min
Rainbow Candle 30min

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